Spread Out

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Case #B3-044132
Case Cleared!!
This young lady found herself in possession of someone’s stolen debit card. She really spread out her purchases; hitting up U-Stop, Dollar General, Hot Nails, Walmart and several other stores. If you know who she is, leave us a tip HERE!

Roll ‘Em Up

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Case #B3-039990
This two spotted an easy opportunity to commit a crime. The one in the white shirt reached into a car with it’s windows rolled down and grabbed someone’s purse. If you know who these two are, leave us a tip HERE!


exiting north doors.0015 copy exiting north doors.0014 copy exiting north doors.0012 copy
Case #B3-044403

This guy is a major creeper! Not just because of his sweet attire and stunning looks, but because of his actions. While an employee was stocking shelves, this creeper grabbed her derriere.

Aggressive Gasser

driver.0095 driver.0126 copy leaving.0048 copy

Case #B3-042912

This well dressed man gassed up his car and left without paying. The employee tried to stop this from happening by grabbing on to the car and in turn, was taken for a ride  for about 80 feet. If you know who this aggressive gasser is, leave us a tip HERE!

Get Off My Car!

cam15.0273 copy cam15.0509 copy cam15.0158

Case #B3-039675

These two decided to have a seat on the hood of someone’s car while the owner was in the store. When he came out and told them to get off his car, the one in the white wanted to fight. If you know who they are, leave a tip HERE!

More to Repair

1.0026 copy 1.0047 copy 1.0078

Case #B3-036665

This guy found an unlocked truck waiting to be repaired in the parking lot of Tam Auto Repair and stole the stereo, causing more damage. If you know who this guy is, leave a tip HERE!

Power Trip

cam4.0043 copy leaving.0003

Case #B3-040401

The driver of this vehicle parked behind NE building products and broke into a company vehicle. The driver stole hundreds of dollars worth of power tools. If you know who this the driver is, leave a tip HERE!

What’s In Your Pants

entering s vestibule.0011 copy s vestibule.0023 copy entering s vestibule.0007 copy entering s vestibule.0015 copy

Case #B3-030530

These two youngsters were doing some shopping at Walmart. They each grabbed some electronic merchandise and stuffed them down the front of their pants. If you know who they are, leave us a tip HERE!

Odd Behavior

cam9.0144 copy cam9.0169 copy cam9.0178 copy camera 6.0073 copy
Case #B3-010288
This lady was acting a bit odd at Ticos. She ordered a margarita at the bar and stayed inside the restaurant for 2 hours, pacing back and forth. While the bar keep wasn’t looking she left without paying. She also stole other customers receipts and tip money and a bottle of booze. If you know who this odd ball is, leave a tip HERE!

Shorty Got a Bottle

1.0019 3.0125 copy 5.0057 copy

Case #B3-010315

Shorty here was shopping at Ken’s Kegs. He grabbed a bottle of Christian Brothers Honey Liqueur and ran out of the store. He is 5’2” and has a unique jacket. If you know who Shorty is, leave a tip HERE!

High and Dry

entrance.0020 exit.0047 copy exit.0050 copy

Case #B3-035134

This young man was with his buddy, Jesse, at Super Saver. They were seen stuffing a backpack full of booze. They were stopped by employees and Jesse stayed to get his ticket, but his buddy left him high and dry. If you know who this “buddy” is, leave a tip HERE!

Rockin’ the Scarf

c3.0006 copy c3.0007 copy c3.0009 copy
Case #B3-035537
Suspects Identified!!
This fine pair walked into the Kwik Shop looking to quench their thirst. The male, rocking the scarf, grabbed two 24 packs of Bud Light and the female grabbed one of her own before they both ran out of the store. If you know who they are, leave a tip HERE!


entrance.0018 copy entrance.0019 copy car2.0031 copy

Case #B3-038451

This young man walked into Gordmans to do some shopping. He grabbed two pair of Reebok tennis shoes and a bundle of clothes and ran out the doors without paying. He was seen getting into this car. If you know who he is, leave a tip HERE!

Sprung a Leak

IMG_3161 IMG_3163 IMG_3166 IMG_3162

Case #B3-029502

Someone thought it would be funny to cut the water line to this house being reconstructed. The water went through the floor and flooded the basement. If you have any information on this case, please leave us a tip HERE!


enter.0005 entrance.0021 copy entrance.0028 copy
Case #B3-032688

This just goes to show you that stealing is not just a young person’s game. This older couple was shopping in Menards and swiped an electric “shock” collar system. If you know who they are, leave us your tip HERE!

Stuffed Meat

entrance.0038 copy entrance.0031 copy entrance.0046 copy

Case #B3-007528

This hungry fella was seen walking around at Russ’s Market. He was seen grabbing a package of steaks and stuffing them down the front of his overalls. If you know this meat stuffer is, leave us a tip HERE!

Bieber Fever

ch4 1.0126 copy ch4 1.0317 copy ch4 2.0129 copy ch4.0236 copy
Case #B3-033912
This Bieber wannabe was looking for some bling at Touch of Gold. He grabbed a gold chain and a silver chain from the display, then took off running. Let’s make sure Bieber gets his ticket by leaving your tip HERE!