Foiled Robbery

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Case #B4-094584

This sorry excuse for a person walked into the Git N Split armed with a black gun. He told the employee to put the money in the bag, but the employee wasn’t having any of that. The employee chased this guy out of the store with his tail between his legs. If you know who he is, leave us a tip HERE!

These Guys Steal Anything

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Case #B4-094641

These two guys steal any and everything. They drove a stolen Chevy Trailblazer to the Kwik Shop and stole a Pugs stocking cap. If you know who these two thieves are, leave your tip HERE!



Case #B4-084585

This guy went into the CVS Pharmacy and bought two prepaid Visa gift cards for over $600. He used a credit card that was taken in a burglary. If you know who he is, leave us a tip HERE!

Pink Nation


Case #B4-068569

This lady was doing some shopping inside Gordmans. She grabbed several articles of clothing and left the store without paying. She was seen leaving in a black Grand Marquis or similar style car with no plates. If you know who this wearer of pink is, leave us your tip HERE!

What a Snake


Case #B4-068231

These two yahoos were shopping in the mall. The one in the v-neck t-shirt grabbed a $100 Michael Kors snake print wallet and left without paying. If you know who these two are, leave us a tip HERE!

Two for the Money

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Case #B4-094866

These two ran into the US Food Market and robbed the store at gun point. They left with an undisclosed amount of cash and the two store employee’s wallets. If you have any information on who these two are, leave us a tip HERE!

Interesting Combo


Case #B4-068221

These two were doing a little shopping inside Dillards. The young man in the white shirt found a couple of clothing items he liked; a white Polo shirt and a plaid polo fishing hat. He put the two items down the front of his shorts and left the store without paying. The one in the black was with him, but did not steal anything. If you know who they are, leave us a tip HERE!

Faulty Return


Case #B4-066536

This young lady’s luck has finally run out. She was grabbing things from inside Hy-Vee and returning them for gift cards without ever making a purchase. This time the employee refused to make the return and she ran out of the store. If you know who she is, leave us a tip HERE!

How Low

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Case #B4-E00426

Some bum walked into a church and stole this jacket during a Sunday Service. This jacket can only be sold to someone who rides in the B-17 Bomber, so there shouldn’t be many like this one out there. If you know of someone sporting this jacket, leave us a tip HERE!

Skatepark Burglars



These two uncool jerks broke into The Bay Skatepark and Precision Skateboards.   They stole about $3,000 worth of skateboards, cash and also loaded up on some Redbull and Gatorades.     Know anyone that has a massive stash of skateboards all the sudden?    Maybe they are trying to sell them now?   Help us catch these two by giving us their names!

Wandering with a Purpose

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Case #B4-065515

This young man was seen wandering around inside the Pershing Center. He found someone’s key and removed a cash drawer that had about $200 in it. If you know who this wanderer is, leave us a tip HERE!

Just Boozing It


Case #B4-062400

These four punks walked into the U Stop ready to run. They grabbed 3 bottles of Crown Royal and a bottle of Captain Morgan and hightailed it out of the store. If you know who they are, leave us a tip HERE!

New Threads

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Case #B4-068424
This trio found themselves in p0ssession of someone’s stolen credit card that was lost at a construction site. They wasted little time racking up hundreds of dollars worth of charges at the Kiwk Shop, Dillards, Journeys Store and McDonalds before the card was cancelled. If you know who this colorful trio is, leave us a tip HERE!

Maybe he can do the prison laundry…

Case #B4-091303
This guy was prowling through the Laundry Land on North 27th Street when he tried to chase down an employee and steal her purse.  Since he’s so fond of laundromats, let’s give him the opportunity to wash and dry plenty of orange jumpsuits.  Recognize him?  Leave us a tip here!

Well-heeled steals at Scheel’s

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Case # B4-086276
Why return a lost credit card when you can use it to defraud both a victim and business?  The woman in the striped shirt and man in the gray t-shirt used a lost credit card and merrily began racking up fraudulent charges for shoes at Scheel’s.  Recognize this dubious duo?  Leave us a tip here!

To proud to beg, too dumb to steal


Case # B4-085636

This woman was running out the doors of Walmart with a flat screen TV…only to discover that the doors were locked on that side of the building.  Whoops.  Bumbling and stumbling, she evaded security and miraculously navigated another exit, eventually escaping in a purple Buick with no plates.  Do you know her?  Leave us a tip here!

Leave no man behind?


Case # B4-066529

The friendship has sailed…and somebody wasn’t on it!  These three “friends” were shoplifting alcohol at Walmart, but two bolted and left the third to take the rap.  We arrested Derrick Phillips, but we’re still looking for his compatriots.  They stole together—shouldn’t they share a cell together?  Do these guys look familiar?  If so, then leave us a tip here!

Brother, can you spare a…counterfeit bill?


Case# B4-080923

Baldy here waltzed into Walgreen’s and attempted to pass some funny money to the clerk, who was not impressed with the poor quality of the counterfeit bills.  Help us bring this chrome dome home…to jail, that is.  Recognize this tall cue ball?  Leave us a tip here!

Third Time’s the Charm!

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Case # B4-087662

The victim in this case had her car broken into and her credit card stolen. Before she could cancel the card, this guy used it THREE TIMES at Walgreens and CVS! If you know who this guy is, leave us your tip here!