It’s Kors Time

EXIT.0006 EXIT.0007 EXIT.0028

Case # B4-090963

The suspect stole a Michael Kors handbag from Dillards worth $298.  If you know who the suspect is, leave your tip Here!!!

Put it on my Tab


Case # B4-105573

These two suspects went into the electronics section of Wal-Mart and picked up a stereo system.  They calmly walked out the doors without paying for it.  If you know who either of these suspects are leave your tip Here!!!

The Secret Door

 20141130_083025_03_00A 20141130_082925_04_00A 

Case # B4-109898

The suspect entered the Discount Depot after hours after a door was not secured.  The suspect took some tobacco before leaving the business.  If anyone knows who this treasure hunter is leave your tip Here!!!

It’s Not for Me!

cam13.0130 copy cam13.0727 copy cam13.0796 copy 

Case # B4-111784

The suspect above shoplifted a sex toy from Dr. Johns and ran out of the store when confronted by the clerk.  If you know who the suspect is leave your tip Here!!!

Sorry for the Reach

entrance.0174 copy  entrance.0177 copy entrance.0207 copy

Case # B4-091797

The victim left her cell phone on her table at the bar and left the table unattended for a minute.  The above suspect with short hair reached on the table and stole her Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone.  He was with the other male with longer hair.  If anyone recognizes these suspects, leave your tip Here!!!

Robbery at Tobacco Shack

cam4 enter.0007 copy cam4 enter.0010 copy  cam4 exit.0008 copy cam4 exit.0013 copy cam4 enter.0012 copy cam4 exit.0005 copy cam6.0106 copy 

Case # B4-111609

Normally I make some jokes or remarks about our suspects but in this case, I chose to be serious.  These two suspects robbed the Tobacco Shack at 48/Holdrege and pointed a handgun at the clerk before leaving the store with the cash register.  They may have left in a gold or tan colored vehicle.  If anyone knows who these suspects are, leave you tip Here!!!

Thanks For Nothing

EXIT.0023  REGISTER 44.0695 VEH.0069
Case # B4-085415
The victims had their credit card used at a Wal-Mart by this big Teddy Bear without their permission.  But the problem is the victims had their credit card in their possession.  The suspect obtained their credit card info and made a fake credit card to go shopping.  If you know who the suspect is leave your tip Here!!!

Three’s Company

07 04  06 05

Case # B4-082253

These three shoppers went into Gordmans and loaded up several clothing items.  They forgot to pay for them and left behind a backpack full of hangers to show off their impressive shopping.  If anyone knows who they are leave your tip Here…

Please Take Action


Case # B4-084796

The victim in this case left her cell phone on a counter at the Family Dollar.  This above suspect in the white ‘Take Action’ t-shirt took the phone off of the counter and left the store with it.  If anyone knows who he is please take action and leave your tip Here!!!

Green + Blue=Shoplifters


Case # B4-079719

These two suspects dressed up their best bright outfits and went to the WalMart at 2501 Grainger Parkway.  They stole $90 worth of Hello Kitty items and left in the above Dodge Durango.  The female has a large tattoo on her left arm.   If anyone knows who these suspects are leave your tip Here!!!


01  03

Case # B4-078638

The suspect went to Menards on 8900 Andermatt and stole a package of Frontline Plus pet medication.  If anyone knows who this suspect is leave your tip Here!!

Attack of the Sweater Vests

9522 EDC Compromise HMA - Exit 1, 2014-12-05 9522 EDC Compromise HMA - Exit 2, 2014-12-05 

9522 EDC Compromise HMA - Exit 3, 2014-12-05 9522 EDC Compromise HMA - Exit 4, 2014-12-05

Case # B4-111390

These suspects were inside the Toys R Us and used a pry tool to damage a display case.  There are a total of three suspects but only two on camera.  The three suspects walked out with over $3400 worth of electronics in their sweater vests.  If anyone knows who the sweater trio are, please leave your tip Here!!!

He’s got the Beat!!!


Case #B4-072928

This suspect took a pair of Turtle Beat Headphones from the Wal-Mart at 87/Hwy 2 and did not pay for them.  He left in a vehicle similar to a Honda CRV.  If anyone knows who he  is leave your tip HERE!!!

The Dynamic Duo

C2 enter.0064 copy C2 enter.0053 copy C2 enter.0056 copy 

Case # B4-111618

These two suspects went into the Kwik Shop at 4400 Cornhusker on two separate occasions.  On both incidents each suspect decide they really like a Zeki 7 Core Tablet.  One incident the female looks at the tablet and concealed it in her coat before leaving.  The second incident the male does the same thing.  If anyone knows who these suspects are leave your tip HERE!!!