Wanna be card maker

profile entrance.0049 copy profile entrance.0053 copy profile entrance.0056 copy

Case # B4-083114

Watch your credit card folks. Somehow this guy got ahold of the victims card information. After police checked with the victim, he stated he  still had his credit card in his possession. It’s believed this guy may have copied the victim’s credit card information onto another card. Once done scandalizing he took the card to Walgreens and purchased 2 Visa prepaid cards for $500 each.  If you know who this wanna be card maker is or have any information in regards to this case, please leave a tip HERE!!

Loving life on someone else’s dime

susp exit.0025 copy #2 exit.0023 3rd male.0001 white SUV.0013 copy

Case #B4-078545

These guys are using a credit card that was stolen in a burglary and went to Wal-Mart two different times spending over $700.00  on the victims account.  If you know who is loving life on our victims money leave a tip Here

Naughty Nerds

exit2.0031 copy exit.0034 copy car.0010 

Case #  B4-062577

These wannabe Techies are wanting free electronic gizmos from Target.  They have shoplifted a couple different times at Target at 333 N 48th and the last time they tried, store security caught up to them but they dropped the stuff and fled in a silver car.  If you know who these naughty nerds are that are stealing electronics leave a tip Here

Soup of the day

entry.0010 copy entrance area.0057 copy  entry.0027 copy

Case # B4-049284

This wise guy took advantage of an employee’s kindness at Relish. While the employee was counting the money in the cash register this fool came in and wanted his soup reheated. The employee  kindly obliged. When she turned her back to put the soup in the microwave he took a stack of $20.oo dollar bills totaling $200-$300.  If you know who this soup eater is, please leave a tip HERE!!

Display Thieves

exit3.0014 copy exit 3 with susp.0018 copy truck arrive.0011 copy

Case # B4-072250

This odd pair was caught on surveillance after employees of Wal-Mart realized a Samsung Galaxy Tablet was missing from the display cabinet.  The guy in the first picture also tried to take several cell phones that were cabled to the display cabinet but was unsuccessful. Before leaving with the tablet, which he shoved down his pants, he bought cigarettes, and left the store in the silver SUV above. If you can help us identify them, please leave a tip HERE.

Pretty smell’in


Case #B4-015718

This guy must have been in a great need of cologne, only he was broke and couldn’t pay for it. He walked into Walgreens and took a store  key from an employee  check out area.  The key belonged to the cologne display case,  he then helped himself to  8 bottles of  cologne. If you smell this guy headed your way, and can help us identify him, please leave a tip HERE!!

Riding dirty

electronics.0025 copy  exit.0011 copy exit.0014 copy 

Case # B4-072121

These two guys stole the keys from our victim and thought they would take his 2010 black Ford Focus for a spin……and not bring it back.   The victim accidently left his keys in the lock on his front door to his residence and somehow these guys got a hold of them and couldn’t resist taking the car since they had the keys.  The victims wallet was also in the car and these two charged up $555 at the Wal-mart near Gretna, Ne.  If you know these car thieves leave us a tip Here


Case #B4006385

On September 1st, a man was riding his bicycle west bound on Saltillo Road/Hwy 77 - SW 12th Street when he was struck by the side mirror of a west bound vehicle.  The cyclist was thrown into the ditch - suffering abrasions & a broken rib.  The driver took off, without stopping.  The side mirror left at the scene belongs to a 1999-2002 Chevrolet Silverado pickup, GMC Sierra pickup or a Suburban.  The cyclist thought the vehicle may have been red or white with a utility box. LSO would like any info leading to the vehicle or driver involved.

What a ‘dread’ full crime

OH enter int.0006 copy JM exit.0011 copy South Entry.0008 copy
Case # B4-074876

This guy broke into a house in the over night hours on Aug. 18. Once inside the house he helped himself to a cell phone, Kodak camera, black Nike wallet and several credit cards. After leaving the house he then went to Wal-Mart on N.85th and bought a gift card for $300.00. Apparently that was not enough because he then went up the road to Hy-Vee on N.84, and purchased another gift card for $300.00. Witness describe him as having ‘red tinted’ dreadlocks.  If you have any information to help us identify this person, please leave a tip Here!!!  

Open door opportunity.

office.0047 office.0068 copy office.0102 copy 

Case # B4-082941

This guy was walking around Meadow Lane shopping center around 0300 hours in the morning and was pulling on doors.  This time he got lucky and found an unsecure door to Ace Hardware.   This thief used this opportunity to go inside and grab himself a laptop computer worth $250.    If you recognize this thief, leave a tip Here

The Super Stealer

B4-077981 B4-077981-3 B4-077981-4

Case # B4-077981

These two guys found a credit card and quickly went to Super Saver at 233 N.48 and purchased $620.00 in Visa Gift Cards.  They may be ready for Christmas now but the victim is out $620.00. Why don’t you be Mr.Scrooge and leave a tip Here to help identify these two. 

Baby Biker Bandits!!!

B4-063758-4 B4-063758-5 B4-063758-6
Case # B4-063758

Apparently these Baby Biker Bandits had nothing better to do with their time other then to spray paint the side of the Bryan LGH East Hospital. These 3 guys spray painted SAVOUT SSWK in black spray paint on the side of the building. If you recognize any of these Biker Baby Bandits leave a tip Here.

This guy found free money……NOT!!!!!

DGregister.0173 copy shopko reg2.0010 copy Register.0088 copy 

Case B4-068518

Mr. Visor here went shopping on some else’s buck after finding the victim’s credit card.  He spent almost $1000.00 at Shopko, CVS and Dollar General.  Maybe he should have bought himself a real cap.  If you recognize this guy leave tip   Here

what's your problem?

   photo4 copy photo5 copy photo8 copy
Case #B4-072435
This guy (and a few of his friends) have a beef with a home owner.  For several years, they have been ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night, setting off the car alarms, egging the house and causing damage to the property.   The owners have had it with the ongoing disturbances and finally caught them on video over several nights.   If you know who this guy or his friends are leave us a tip Here.

Poindexter’s a Fast Talker


Case #B4-063933

Poindexter here is quit the fast talker. He bought mouthwash and another small item and paid with a $100 bill. When he got his change, he began talking real fast and asking different denominations of bills. Before the employee knew it, the store was short $95. If you know who he is, leave us a tip HERE!

Out of Town Fraud

  exit1.0007 copy enter2.0005 copy  enter2.0011 copycar2.0034 copy
Case # B4-063073

These two “Blackshirts”  stole a credit card and decided to go shopping in Crete, NE at Wal-Mart.  Call me crazy (which many have done) but I think they got tired of getting caught in Lincoln, so why not go out of town to do some frauds and not get caught.  They used the car above to make their travels easier.   If you know who these frequent fliers are leave your tip Here!

Not Good Enough

B4-073424 #1 B4-073424 #2 B4-073424 #3
Case #B4-073424

These two lads tried to break out the door at a Super C after the store was closed.  Like most things in life for these two, they failed, and ran before the police arrived.  The photos aren’t the best but if you know who these failures are leave your tip Here!

Minute to Win It

stolen checks 7 stolen checks 2 stolen checks
Case # B4-079152
Two victim’s came home find their house burglarized, where several electronics and a checkbook were taken.   These two suspects were doing their best to make a quick purchase at a Casey’s with the victim’s stolen check.  When asked to show ID, they left, and never came back.  Let’s give these contestants a prize we can all be proud of.  If you know who these two are, leave your tip Here!