Hot Dog

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Case # B4-114374

This suspect was heating up some food in the microwave at the Kwik Shop at 2710 W St.  He stole a hot dog while waiting for the warm food.  If you recognize him leave your tip Here!!!

How bout them Apples!

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Case # B5-019183

This suspect stole a Zippo lighter and a charging cable from Wal-Mart at 4700 N 27th.  He purchased a bag of apples but concealed the other items in his sleeve.  Store employees contacted him and he handed over the stolen items and ran out the door to a dark green Chevy Blazer.  If you recognize this suspect leave your tip Here!!!



Case # B5-032439

This suspect invited himself into the victim’s apartment while she was gone.  The victim had a camera set up and caught him in the act.  The victim lives in an assisted living facility and this suspect is not a tenant or employee.  If anyone has any information leave your tip Here!!!

Pizza Pizza

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Case # B5-026563
Little Caesar’s Pizza had over $4000 stolen from the safe at 965 South 27th in March.  The suspect was male and had the above sweatshirt on, “Make Art Not War”.  If anyone has any information or any suspects leave your tip Here!!!

Help Please!!!


Case # B4-090088

The victim is special needs and had a check for over $9,000 that was cashed by someone else.  He never received any of the money.   The one suspect has been identified and interviewed.  This person above was with the suspect and has not been identified.  If anyone has any information please leave your tip Here!!!

Passing It Around

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Case # B5-009272  Two Suspects Identified These Three are Left!!
The victim had a $100 Wal-Mart gift card stolen from her and it was found to be used at different Wal-Marts.  Three groups of people were observed on camera to use the stolen gift card.  If you know any of the suspects or have any information leave your tip Here!!!

Gun Amnesty Day

DROP OFF: Parking Lot, SouthEast corner of 25 & O Streets.
Saturday, May16th, 2015   11:00 AM – 1:30 PM
No compensation will be given for any guns or ammunition dropped off.
The public is encouraged to drop off any unwanted legal or illegal firearms and ammunition. Firearms should be transported in the trunk or back seat of a vehicle in an open box, bag or container. Once at the drop off site tell the person that contacts you at your vehicle where the firearm is located and let them retrieve the firearm. It is preferred that firearms be surrendered unloaded and any breaches, slides, bolts, cylinders or actions should be open. However, if citizens are not familiar with how to unload their firearm and attempting to do so would create a hazard, transport the firearm to the site and inform the person that contacts you at your vehicle that the weapon may not be unloaded.