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The victim  had parked his pickup in the parking lot of the Quality Inn at 3200 NW 12TH ST.   Overnight, someone took the Blue and black Kartmod 125 cc competition race cart out of the back of the pickup.    # 17 was the cart the victim’s son used in the SCCA kart mod series with some success.    At the time, it had a grey and red Sparko Go Cart cover over the cart.    If you have any info on this cart, leave a tip with Crime Stoppers here.

Pair Up Part 2

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Case # B5-057451

Wal-Mart at 3400 N 85th called to report a shoplift of over $500 worth of items stolen by two possible female suspects.  One of the female suspects (in the red shorts) was suspected of a shoplift at a different Wal-Mart and is in a similar vehicle.  That was Pair Up!! and was done a day prior to this shoplift.  Both possible suspects are in a dark gray Chevy Impala.  If anyone has any information for the case, leave us a tip Here!!!

One Stop Shopper

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Case # B5-058110

Von Maur at SouthPointe Mall called to report a shoplift of approximately $350 in clothing items.  Von Maur provided video of a possible suspect that walked out of the store with clothing  and once outside, concealed the items in his shirt.  The possible suspect has a unique tattoo on his left arm.  He left in an older Maroon Saturn with no license plates.  If you have any information for the case leave us a tip Here!!

Grill Out

01 02 03

Case # B5-059222

CVS Pharmacy reported a shoplift of a bag Match Light Charcoal.  CVS provided video of the incident and this male is a possible suspect.  If you have any information leave us a tip Here!!!

Game Time

03 02 01

Case # B5-059112

Russ’s Market at 17/Washington reported a shoplift where a female took a 12 pack of Milwaukee Best beer without paying for it.  The store provided video of a possible suspect.  She is wearing a KC Chief’s Jersey #7 which is a Matt Cassel jersey (Former Quarterback).  If you have any information for the case leave us a tip Here!!!

Public Notice

On May 17, 2013, the Lincoln Police Department requested the public's help in identifying a person believed to be responsible for using a stolen debit card. The Lincoln Police Department received a video from the victim's bank that was represented to be an image of the person withdrawing money from the victim's account. The Lincoln Police Department posted a still-image of this person, along with the following message:

"Lincoln Crimestoppers: Takes all kinds. This young lady doesn't look like your typical crook but she is! She used someone's stolen credit card and made a fake deposit at the ATM, then withdrew some cash. If you know who she is, leave us a tip here!"

It was later learned that the Lincoln Police Department received the wrong video from the victim's bank. The female in the posted photograph was Shayla Funk. Ms. Funk was a bank customer who had absolutely no connection with the stolen debit card. She was never charged with a crime, but she was mistakenly featured in the Crimestoppers video both on TV and on the internet. Lincoln Police Department and the City of Lincoln sincerely apologize for any embarrassment or inconvenience this may have caused Ms. Funk.

Pair Up

01 02 05 06  

Case # B5-057756

Wal-Mart at 4700 N 27th St called to report a shoplift where the suspects were possibly involved in other shoplifts at other Wal-Mart’s in Lincoln.  Video was obtained from Wal-Mart and it showed these two possible suspects getting into a Gray Chevrolet Impala 4 Dr.  If you have any information for the case leave us a tip Here!!!

Wrong Direction

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Case # B5-059552

Wal-Mart at 4700 N 27th called to report a shoplift.  An employee observed a male take a Garmin out of it’s package and put it in his pocket.  The employee said the man paid for some small items at the self checkout but he did not pay for the Garmin.  The employee confronted him outside and he left in a white Dodge Minivan.  Wal-Mart provided video of a possible suspect.  If you have any information for the case leave us a tip Here!!!

Need A Tab

     01 02 04

Case # B5-058566

N St Liquor at 1801 O St called LPD to report a shoplift.  Employees saw a man take two 24 oz. cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer from a cooler and walk to the counter.  The man set one down and said he didn’t have any money.  He walked out with the other can concealed and was observed by an employee outside drinking the beer.  N St Liquor provided video of a possible suspect that is listed above.  If you have any information leave us a tip Here!!!

Burglary Buds

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Case # B5-065108
LPD is investigating a burglary of an ATM at Roc’s Stop and Shop at 5757 South 85th St.  The suspects broke out the doors and stole the ATM.  These two people are possible suspects and this truck was possibly involved.  If you have any information leave us a tip Here!!!

Casey’s Robbery

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Case # B5-060389

LPD is investigating a robbery at the Casey’s at 1445 S 17th St on July 5th.  If you recognize this suspect please leave us a tip Here!!!

Popeye’s Robbery

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Case # B5-059294

Popeye’s at 27th/Fletcher was robbed on July 2nd and these are the photos of the suspect.  If you have any information for the case, please leave a tip Here!!

Taken Away

untitled (2)
Case #  B5-065032   Bike Located and Returned to Owner!!!!
The victim had his 2014 Black/Gold Honda Grom 125 CC motorcycle stolen from his residence in Northeast Lincoln.  This is an actual photo of the motorcycle.   If you have any information please leave a tip Here!!!