Casey’s Robbery

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Case # B5-037042

This suspect attempted to rob the Casey’s at 4002 Adams but the employee was busy outside.  When the employee came back in, the suspect confronted him but the employee got away without getting hurt.  The suspect took off running out of the store.  The robbery may be related to Kwik Shop Robber.  If you recognize this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Kwik Shop Robber

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Case # B5-038807

This suspect robbed the Kwik Shop at 5900 Fremont on May 5th around 12:30 am.  He made away with money and a few cartons of cigarettes.  He ran out of store and where he went from there is unknown.  If you recognize this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Changing It Up

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Case # B5-042173

There are three cases involving these two suspects and the related case numbers are  B5-042168 and B5-042946.  They are quick change artists and have hit the Family Dollar at 6910 P St, the Juice Stop at 27th/Superior, and Runza at 56th/Holdrege.  They make a small purchase, hand the employee a $100 bill, and ask for certain change back.  They end up confusing the employee and walk away with the items purchased, their original $100 bill, and additional cash, all because they confuse the employee.  If you recognize them leave your tip Here!!!

Orange is the New Black

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Case # B5-031368

The victim had a book of checks stolen from his residence.  This suspect used one of the victim’s checks to make a purchase over $760 at Lowe’s at 6101 Apples Way.  The suspect is wearing an orange and white shirt, black hat, blue jeans, and left in a silver minivan.  If you recognize him, leave your tip Here!!!

One Lucky Mom

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Case # B5-039814

The victim had possession of their credit card but somehow this suspect was able to use the victim’s card number to make a purchase at Wal-Mart at 3400 N 85th.  The suspect purchased flowers and a gift card for Mother’s Day on May 7th.  If you recognize him, leave your tip Here!!!

Hello Stranger

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Case # B5-036266

This suspect attempted to break into the Advance Office Automation at 1065 N 33rd.  He did not get in and the employee chased him off after confronting him.  If you recognize this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Really Cool

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Case # B5-022200

These two suspects shoplifted from the Family Dollar at 4684 Leighton.  They left the store and got into a dark 1990’s Lincoln.  If you recognize either suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Wells Fargo Robber

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Case # B5-041204

This suspect attempted to rob the Well’s Fargo at 16th/P St on 5-11-2015 at approximately 2:00pm.  He is wearing a Chicago Bulls basketball hat that is black and red, blue jeans and a black jacket.  He also may have had an accent.  If you recognize him leave your tip Here!!!


B5-015085_csp B5-015085_csp

Case # B5-015085

This suspect shoplifted from the Wal-Mart at 27/Superior in the auto department.  He stole a pair of mechanic gloves and shoved them in his pants.  He then stole a can of Rust-Oleum spray enamel and shoved them in his coat.  If you recognize him leave your tip Here!!!

Filling Up

arriving.0024 leaving..0026 copy 

Case # B5-025029

The victim had her purse stolen and the suspect used the stolen credit cards at gas stations in Lincoln.  If you recognize this suspect or vehicle leave your tip Here!!!

Shopping Spree

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LSO Case # B5003022

The victim had her purse stolen out of her vehicle in Lancaster County.  These three suspects are on video at a few locations using the stolen credit cards.  They were all in the above pickup truck.  If you recognize anyone leave your tip Here!!!