A Special Gal

female exit.0013 female exit.0086 copy female exit.0087 copy female exit.0020 copy Male exit.0011 copy Male exit.0012 copy Male exit.0013 copy

Case # B5-059063

This male and female suspect enter Elder’s Jewelry at 3111 O St and the male wants to purchase a diamond ring for a special lady.  The female begins to distract the employee and the male takes a ring from a display case.  He runs out the door a short time later and the female follows.  If you recognize either suspect, leave us a tip Here!!!

Long Gone!!


Case # B5-059319

The victim was selling his motorcycle, a white 1999 Honda Motorcycle, Nebraska License Plate TMR496, and left it parked near his house in the area of 8th/B St.  He came home and it was gone.  If you have any information leave us a tip Here!!!

Make-Up and Gone

exit.0007 exit.0021 store aisle.0041 veh.0141 veh.0191

Case # B5-037044

This suspect went into the Walgreen’s at 17/South and grabbed a basket.  He started putting candy and personal hygiene products in the basket.  He went to the women’s makeup department and grabbed several pieces of makeup and walked out the door with the basket also.  He got into the passenger side of this truck which has a mower in the back and a decal in the back driver’s side window.  If you recognize him leave us a tip Here!!!



Case # B5-057914

Someone or some ones broke into the First United Methodist Church at 2723 N 50th and caused quite a bit of damage.  Numerous windows, doors, and other items were damaged and once inside, the suspects stole a safe, money, and six rolls of US Postage Stamps.  If you have any information please leave a tip Here!!!

Back for Seconds

cam1.0138 cam1.0149 copy cam1.0156 copy cam1.0391 copy cam1.0382 copy 

Case # B5-058206

The victim had his apartment burglarized and in response he put up a camera where the suspect made entry into his apartment.  Six weeks later he noticed someone tried to break into his apartment again and the video had this suspect trying to break in.  If you recognize him leave us a tip Here!!!

Gift Card Cloner


Case # B5-040080

The victim had her identity stolen and this suspect used a credit card with the victim’s account information but a different name (cloned card)  to make a purchase for a gift card at Wal-Mart at 27th/Superior.  If you recognize him, leave us a tip Here!!

Finder’s Fee

BUS CAM 1.0601 BUS CAM 1.0850 BUS CAM11.0002 BUS CAM11.0041

Case # B5-035455

The victim was riding the Star Tran bus and had her wallet in her pocket.  This suspect picked it up after it fell out of the victim’s jacket and left the bus with it.  If you recognize her leave us a tip Here!!!

Checked Out

 Foyer exit jamb.0004 Foyer exit jamb.0010 Foyer exit jamb.0021 Foyer exit jamb.0027 Foyer exit jamb.0030 Entrance.0043 vehicle.0039

Case # B5-037298

These two suspects went to the Wal-Mart at 3400 N 85th and the female purchased a phone charger but was holding an ink cartridge in the self checkout line.  She and the white male walk out without paying for the ink cartridge and get into a silver BMW.  If you recognize either suspect leave us a tip Here!!

Study Break


Case # B5-037986

This suspect went to the Wal-Mart at 3400 N 85th and went directly to the liquor aisle.  There he took four bottles of alcohol and put them in his backpack.  He exited the store and walked through the corn fields to the south of Wal-Mart.  If you recognize him leave us a tip Here!!

Tapped Out

Case # B5-025701
These two suspects attempted to do a return fraud at the Shopko at 27th/Pine Lake but it didn’t work.  Instead the female walked out with a Lego Toy gift set valued at $99.  If you recognize either suspect leave us a tip Here!!!

Crabby Motoring

meat.0041 copy meat.0044 copy

Case # B5-049971

This suspect went into the Hyvee at 5050 N 27th and loaded up his motorized cart with a Keurig Coffee Machine, 1/2 a case of crab legs, and toilet paper.  He left out of the store without paying.  The total loss is $365.  If you recognize this suspect, leave us a tip Here!!!

Charged Up

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Case # B5-049923

This suspect walked around Sears at Gateway Mall and took an USB charger off of the shelf and went down an aisle.  A short time later the suspects exits the store with nothing in his hand.  The employee found the empty USB charger package in the aisle where the suspect went.  If you recognize him leave us a tip Here!!!

Ready for the Party

02 03 04 05 

Case # B5-045159

The suspect enters the Kwik Shop at 27th/W and leaves a short time later.  He comes back in, goes to the pop and liquor aisle, where he takes a bottle of soda, and bottles of Southern Comfort, Bacardi Rum, and Fireball Whiskey.  He left the store without paying for the items.  If you recognize him, leave us a tip Here!!!