Bird’s eye

Cropped from


Someone broke into a car, stole some items from it and then used stolen credit cards at 3 different grocery stores and a gas station.  So far, we only have a bird’s eye view of the car used during the transactions.   Got any idea who drives this white car with a sun roof?   Give us a tip!

Affecting the Family

cam1.0053 copy cam2.0045 copy cam2.0071 copy exit.0022 copy

Case #B4-092531

This guy, wearing a pretty unique Army shirt, was running around town using someone’s stolen credit cards that was taken from a larceny from vehicle. He racked up over $300 worth of charges. Also stolen from the car was all the victim’s camera which had all the photos of her kids and he stole all the kids DVDs. Let’s get the memories back! If you know who this low life is, leave us a tip HERE!

Neon Shoes and the Skunk Boy

cam16.0038 copy cam16.0042 copy cam16.0045 copy

Case #B4-082832

These two, one with bright green shoes and the other with a white stripe down the middle of his head, were using someone’s debit card to purchase gift cards, cobb salads and paper towels. The victim still had his debit card, so these two were able to make a fraudulent credit card with the victim’s info. If you know who neon shoes and the skunk boy are, leave us a tip HERE!

Now Isn’t That Special


Case #B4-064977

These two losers or boozers, whichever you prefer, were seen walking around inside Super Saver. The one with the blue hoodie grabbed a bottle of Jagermeister and removed it from the specialty box it was packed in and left without making a purchase. If you know who these two special shoppers are, leave us a tip HERE!

Self Help


Case #B4-070768

This couple had done some shopping at Walmart. They went to the self checkout line and rang up all their groceries. The female swiped a card twice, but it ultimately did not go through and they left. Was it an accident? We need to find out. If you know who this couple is, leave us a tip HERE!

Goodwill… Not So Much

cam8 theft.0340 cam8 theft2.0340 cam8.0201

Case #B4-095807

This lady was doing some shopping inside the Goodwill store. She found a purse laying on the floor that was left by grandma chasing down her grandchildren and decided to keep it for herself. If you know who she is, leave us a tip HERE!

Pocket of Booze


Case #B4-057020

This youngster was walking around inside the Super Saver. He grabbed himself a bottle of alcohol and pocketed it. He left the store without buying anything. If you know who he is, leave us a tip HERE!

Time to Tame the Tiger

reg8 leave.0010 copy reg8.0091 copy car enter parking lot.0014 copy

Case #B4-084240

This Mizzou fan was doing some shopping inside the Home Depot. He broke into a car at a high school volleyball game and used the victim’s credit card to ring up over $1,000 worth of stuff. He was seen driving this car. If you know who this tiny tiger is, leave us a tip HERE!

120 Reasons

1 2

Case #B4-083266

This lady stopped off at Shoemakers to take a restroom break. She found someone had left their purse in the stall and she removed $120 from the victim’s purse. The victim tried to chase her down, but ended up getting her foot run over in the process. If you know who she is, leave us a tip HERE!

Wash Job

cam1 enter.0036 cam1 enter.0066 cam1 exit.0077 cam1 enter.0087

Case #B4-095037

These two tired ladies went to the Kwik Shop to make a purchase. The paid with a $20 bill. The bill originally checked out, but upon further review it looks like it was reprinted over a $1 bill. If you know who these two are, leave us a tip HERE!

Hong Kong Robbers

Three individuals robbed the Hong Kong Market at gun point. One of them was pretty dramatic and talkative. It looks like he has watched too many bad gangsta movies. His dialogue sounded like a poorly written B movie script, but the good news is that we get to hear the robber's voice throughout the robbery.  We hope that someone will recognize him or his friends.   If you have a tip, leave it HERE.

Foiled Robbery

ch13.0045 copy ch14.0064 copy ch13.0008 copy ch13.0023 copy

Case #B4-094584

This sorry excuse for a person walked into the Git N Split armed with a black gun. He told the employee to put the money in the bag, but the employee wasn’t having any of that. The employee chased this guy out of the store with his tail between his legs. If you know who he is, leave us a tip HERE!

These Guys Steal Anything

#1 at reg.0004 copy #1 at reg.0005 copy #2 enter.0010 copy #2 enter.0004 copy
Case #B4-094641
Guy in the yellow identified.
These two guys steal any and everything. They drove a stolen Chevy Trailblazer to the Kwik Shop and stole a Pugs stocking cap. If you know who these two thieves are, leave your tip HERE!



Case #B4-084585

This guy went into the CVS Pharmacy and bought two prepaid Visa gift cards for over $600. He used a credit card that was taken in a burglary. If you know who he is, leave us a tip HERE!

Pink Nation


Case #B4-068569

This lady was doing some shopping inside Gordmans. She grabbed several articles of clothing and left the store without paying. She was seen leaving in a black Grand Marquis or similar style car with no plates. If you know who this wearer of pink is, leave us your tip HERE!

What a Snake


Case #B4-068231

These two yahoos were shopping in the mall. The one in the v-neck t-shirt grabbed a $100 Michael Kors snake print wallet and left without paying. If you know who these two are, leave us a tip HERE!

Two for the Money

ch4.0474 copy ch4.0269 copy ch4.1134 copy

Case #B4-094866

These two ran into the US Food Market and robbed the store at gun point. They left with an undisclosed amount of cash and the two store employee’s wallets. If you have any information on who these two are, leave us a tip HERE!

Interesting Combo


Case #B4-068221

These two were doing a little shopping inside Dillards. The young man in the white shirt found a couple of clothing items he liked; a white Polo shirt and a plaid polo fishing hat. He put the two items down the front of his shorts and left the store without paying. The one in the black was with him, but did not steal anything. If you know who they are, leave us a tip HERE!

Faulty Return


Case #B4-066536

This young lady’s luck has finally run out. She was grabbing things from inside Hy-Vee and returning them for gift cards without ever making a purchase. This time the employee refused to make the return and she ran out of the store. If you know who she is, leave us a tip HERE!

How Low

image001 Jacket1 patch

Case #B4-E00426

Some bum walked into a church and stole this jacket during a Sunday Service. This jacket can only be sold to someone who rides in the B-17 Bomber, so there shouldn’t be many like this one out there. If you know of someone sporting this jacket, leave us a tip HERE!