Not Cool


Case # B5-011712

Someone got onto the roof at Best Buy at 70/O Street and stole a Carrier Air Conditioner that was attached to the building.  This caused extensive damage to the roof and the business.  If you have any information please leave your tip Here!!!

How Romantic

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Case # B5-004537

The victim lost her debit card downtown and a short time later these two were on video making a purchase at The Sultan’s Kite at 1311 O St.  They used the card at other locations downtown on their night of romance.  If you know this lucky couple leave your tip Here!!!

Hit and Run


Case # B5-014847

The above vehicle was responsible for a hit and run at Gateway Mall on O St.  It is a 2000 to 2002 Honda Passport EX  that has a Honda Cars of Bellevue emblem.   The driver and occupants are both white males and the driver was in his late 20’s to early 30’s, bald, and a goatee.  If you know these suspects leave your tip Here!!!

A Kwik Breakfast

ENTRANCE.0003 EXIT.0101 

Case #  B4-116928

The suspect above stole a breakfast burrito and breakfast sandwich worth $6 from the Kwik Shop at 14/Adams after buying donuts.  If you know who she is leave your tip Here!!!

Return of the Mac Attack

Main exit.0010EXIT VESTIBULE.0017 Main exi.0009t Main exit.0013 PARKING LO.0001T

Case # B5-000978

The victim had her wallet stolen from inside her purse that was in the shopping cart at TJ Maxx.  The suspects above are on video making large purchases at Best Buy and Target with her credit cards.  The total loss  is over $6,000 and they bought Mac Laptops and gift cards.  They were driving the above vehicle.  This sounds similar to The Mac Attack.  If you know either suspect leave your tip Here!!!

No Good Sense

EXIT.0157 EXIT.0163 EXIT.0187 

Case # B5-002657

This suspect was involved in a fight at Raising Cain’s at 14/P St.  When he and the others were escorted out by employees he yelled he was going to break a window.  A short time later someone broke a window next door at Mr. Goodcents .  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Error Jordan


Case # B5-003167

The suspect above stole three bottles of alcohol and a USB car charger from the Kwik Shop at 48/Calvert.  He appears to be wearing a pair of Air Jordan 13 shoes.  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Finders Keepers


Case # B5-004556

The victim made a purchase at the Lobo’s City Mex at 27/R St and left his wallet on the counter.  The female suspect on the left above found the wallet and left the store with it.  If you know either suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Cart Hoppers

AISLE CAM12.0047 AISLE CAM12.0034 AISLE CAM12.0163 OUTSIDE CAM11.0063

Case # B5-005118

The two female suspects stole a shopping cart from the Dollar General at 1st/Cornhusker.  If you know either suspect leave your tip Here!!!

The Mac Attack

entrance.0011 entrance.0012 copy exit.0060 copy exit.0061 copyparkinglot.0013 copy

Case # B5-015131

The victim had her purse stolen from Wal-Mart and these suspects were on video a short time later purchasing a Mac Laptop computer and other items from Best Buy for over $3000.  They left in a red four door sedan.  If you know either suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Not the Michelin Man

ch2_2.0028 copy ch2_2.0044 ch2_2.0045 copy

Case # B5-013814

The suspect above sliced a large amount of  vehicle tires in the area of 39/Cornhusker Highway causing a lot of damage.  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Frolfer Fan

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Case # B4-111434

The victim’s had their vehicle broken into and one of the items stolen was a set of Frisbee Golf Discs.  This suspect was on video at Play It Again Sports selling the set of stolen frisbees.  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Not the Milkman

both.0041 copy both.0100 copy female2.0053 copy female2.0085

Case # B5-015914

The male suspect on the left went to the Cici’s Pizza and purchased a small milk and with a $50 bill.  He confused the employee and asked for his money back and tried to pay for the purchase with a $20 bill.  In the end he walked away with his milk and over $86 in cash that was not his.  The female on the right was in Cici’s Pizza and according to the employees may have been with him.  If you recognize either suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Who You Kidding

  cam4 counter3.0147 copy cam4 counter3.0229 copy cam4 counter3.0375 copy 

Case #B5-010466

The suspect above is holding a bible and goes to the U Stop at 13/South.  The victim left his car running outside unattended as this suspect was smoking a cigar.  He steals the victim’s car and it was later recovered.   You probably don’t want to stand near the suspect during a lightning storm.  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

No ID Needed

 pic20150224101031CROP pic20150224101158CROP 

Case # B4-096021

These two suspects stole a 12 pack and 18 pack of Bud Light Beer from the Kwik Shop at 56/South.  The employee said they entered with their hoodies pulled over their face, ran straight to the beer, and out the door.  If you know any of the suspects leave your tip Here!!!

Shopping Away

 exit.0054 copy entrance.0028 copy exit.0043 copy

Case # B5-006974

These two used the victims’ stolen credit card at a few places in Lincoln and this is video from the Walgreens at 84th/Lexington.  If you know either suspect leave your tip Here!!!