Another Great Example

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Case # B4-101611

The older male took the younger male, possibly his son or relative, to Menards at 8900 Andermatt and stole a camera and two sets of tool sets.  He concealed the items in his overalls and left without paying for these but paid for other items.  If anyone knows this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Evening Robbery

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Case # B5-006111
The three suspects above robbed the owner of Lobo’s City Mex at 338 N 27th.  If anyone has any information on this case or who the suspects are please leave your tip Here!!!

Hit and Run help



Deputies were detailed to NW 48th St just north of I-80 in reference to a motorcycle accident. A gold 2004 Harley Davidson motorcycle, NE plate SWL219, was found lying in the northbound lane of traffic near the center of the roadway. The driver, Gabe Wilken, was located in the 2700 block of W. O St and pronounced deceased at the scene. The vehicle responsible left the scene and has not been located. The investigation is ongoing. The following are vehicles of interest that were seen in the area around the time of the accident. They may or may not have been involved in the actual accident but deputies would like to speak with the occupants of both vehicles to determine what, if any, information they may have about Gabe Wilken's death.

1) an 80s-90s white two-door pickup, Ford or Chevy, with smaller wheels; driven by a 40-50 y/o W/M, clean shaven, with a ball cap and glasses

2) a darker colored van, full-size or minivan, potentially with a ladder on the back

If you have information, please call 402-441-6000 or you can leave your anonymous tip here.




This guy confronted our victim about how close the victim parked to his vehicle in the Hy-Vee parking lot. The victim went inside the store and when he returned to his vehicle, he found it had been ‘'keyed” on the rear passenger side door. If you know who this guy is, or recognize his silver truck, leave us your tip HERE!

Hawaiian Punch

ENTRY.0006 ENTRY.0020 


This guy walked into a retail store with two females. While the females distracted the clerks, he grabbed a handful of purses and ran out the door without paying. He is described as a black male wearing a “Hawaiian Punch” jacket. If you know who this guy is, leave us your tip HERE!

Big Shopper

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Case # B4-099463

This BIG guy stole a bottle of Sailor Jerry from the Kwik Shop at 48th/Calvert.  If you know who he is leave your tip Here!!!

No Registration Needed

stolen license plates.0030

Case # B4-E00457

The victim had the front license plate stolen from her work vehicle while it was parked at the business.  The suspect drove the above vehicle and attempted to steal the rear license plate but got scared and left.  If anyone has any information leave your tip Here!!!

Hey Lefty!


Case # B4-096295

The victim had her house burglarized and one of the items taken was a book of checks.  This suspect was seen on camera forging a check at Russ’s Market at 120 N 66th.  It should be noted he wrote with his left hand when forging the check.  If you know who this suspect is leave your tip Here!!!

App-earances can be deceiving


LPD is seeking information on two males involved in a reported sex assault.   The victim thought she was meeting a guy from a chat app, instead these two middle eastern males arrived.    One of the males gave the name ‘Berry Allen’ and was driving a red Hyundai or a similar looking car.   If you have information on either of the males, please contact Inv Barry at 441-8981 or you can leave a tip here.

Mr. Friendly

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Case # B4-107080

This suspect did a quick change at the Super Saver at 56th/Highway 2.  The suspect began a friendly conversation with the cashier and tricked the cashier to giving him too much money back.  The suspect left with over $150 in cash for a minor purchase.  If you know this friendly guy, leave your tip Here!!!

Treasure Hunter

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Case # B4-117162

This lucky guy found a wallet at the Amigos at 14th/Highway 2 that the victim lost.  The suspect took the large amount of money out of the wallet and left the wallet in the restroom.  If you know who this suspect is leave your tip Here!!!

The Man In Black

exit Grocery.0008 copy exit Grocery.0026 copy front license plate.0059 copy 

Case # B4-087565

The suspect above stole the victim’s debit card and used it at several locations in Lincoln.  This video is from the Wal-Mart at 2501 Grainger Parkway.  If you know who this suspect is leave your tip Here!!!

Friends with Benefits

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Case # B4-095043

This suspect was with her friend who shoplifted at Shopko at 27th/Cornhusker area.  The friend was already cited for shoplift but did not want to say who the other suspect was in the yellow tank top.  If you know who this suspect is leave your tip Here!!!

No Changing Room Needed

cam11 entrance.0005 cam11 entrance.0006 cam11 entrance.0010 cam11 entrance.0012

Case # B4-064267

These two suspects went into the JC Penny’s at the mall and grabbed  a stack of men’s clothes.  They ran out the door as soon as they grabbed them and didn’t even try on anything.  If you know who these suspects are leave your tip Here!!!

A Fashion Don’t

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Case # B4-101056

This stylish thief used his styling gloves to steal a bottle of cologne from Sears in the mall.  When confronted by security he handed the bottle back and took off running through the parking lot.  If you know who the suspect is leave your tip Here!!!

Bad Things Happen in Threes

retail10 copy retail9 copy retail8 copy retail6 copy retail1

Case # B5-001410

These two suspects and a friend not on video stole three laptop computers from Q Teq Computers at 330 N 48th.  When the employee chased after them, two of the computers were dropped but one was still gone.  If you know who these suspects are leave your tip Here!!!