Spray away

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In August, someone used spray-paint to tag the Talent+ building, the Legacy Apartments and the bridge at 84th/Old Cheney.  They caused thousands of dollars in damage and clean up costs to make the spray go away.    Anyone with information on who did this, please contact Crime Stoppers here.

Not Appropriate

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UNL Case #15004766

UNL Police took a report of a victim being inappropriately touched by this possible suspect on UNL’s campus.  This is video from a business as they were walking  near campus.  Although the photos are not the best, if you recognize him, please leave us a tip Here!!!

Paycheck Advance Robbery

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Case # B5-086400

The Paycheck Advance at 3615 N 44th was the victim of a robbery.  The store provided video of the robbery to LPD and these are still photos of the possible suspect.  If anyone has any information about the case, leave us a tip Here!!!

Gone For A Ride

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Case # B5-075018

The victim had his vehicle stolen from The Kwik Shop at 2710 W St.  Video from the store was turned over to LPD and this female is a possible suspect.  If you have any information for the case, leave us a tip Here!!!

Easy Buy Again

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Case # B5-047734
This is the same possible suspect from a forgery that occurred at Menards under Easy Buy.  He is again on video at Menard’s involving another forgery.  If you have any information for the case, leave us a tip Here!!!

Drinks on Me

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Case # B5-076673

Gate 25 in the Haymarket had some counterfeit money passed.  Video from the business shows this possible suspect.  If you recognize him, leave us a tip Here!!

Pumped for JD

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Case # B5-050645

The Pump and Pantry at 345 W O St called LPD to report a shoplift of a 750 ML bottle of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.  These two men are possible suspects and if you have any information on who they are leave us a tip Here!!!

Bike Exchange

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UNL Case #1500482

At 4:30 am, the individual in the left picture, parked his bike on a UNL bike rack and exchanged it for the victim’s bike also on the rack.   At 11am, the suspect in the blue shorts arrived to pick up the bike he left behind.   This is obviously not how a bike exchange is supposed to work.    If you know who the suspect is, give Crime Stoppers a tip by clicking here!

Counterfeiting Hamilton

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The Russ’ Market at 1709 Washington called the police after they found a counterfeit bill had been given to them. This possible suspect was found to have passed a counterfeit $10 bill to the cashier to purchase some small items. If you know who this person is, leave us your tip HERE!

Use Your Key

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An apartment complex found their Samsung flat screen TV missing from their Community Room. When they reviewed their surveillance video, this person (not an apartment resident) is seen using a key to get into the building and taking the TV from the wall. His blue sweatshirt bares the words “Los Angeles” on the front with unknown white lettering on the sleeves. If you have any information about this case, leave us your tip HERE!

Fast Mart Robbery

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On Sunday, 09-20-2015, the Fast Mart at 3293 A St was robbed at gunpoint. With assistance from a customer, officers were able to arrest one of the robbers. The one pictured above has not been identified. If you have any information about this case, leave us your tip HERE!