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Case # B5-016039

The victim had her vehicle stolen in Southwest Lincoln and it was recovered at a hotel near the airport.  Further investigation located these suspects on video at JC Penny’s using the stolen car.  If you know any of these suspects leave your tip Here!!!

Scratch and Steal

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Case # B5-023015

A victim had her vehicle broken into and just won several lottery tickets and someone stole the tickets.  The white male that is bald was observed on camera playing the stolen lottery tickets and had a white male and white female with him.  The bald white male possibly has a tattoo on the back of his neck.  If you recognize any of the suspects leave your tip Here!!!

Bump and Run

exit.0021 exit.0130 

Case # B5-005977

These two suspects are involved in a theft of a purse and the subsequent frauds on the stolen credit cards.  While the elderly woman was shopping at the Super Saver at 233 N 48th, the male bumps into her and the female removes the victim’s purse from the shopping cart.  If you know either one of these suspects leave your tip Here!!!

He Loves Mike’s

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Case # B5-011597

This suspect is responsible for three shoplifts at the Kwik Shop at 2811 N 48th Street.  Every time he stole a can of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and they were all stolen in the same day.  If you recognize this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Matching Hats


Case # B5-004226

The victim had his credit card in his wallet but these two somehow captured his credit card number and made several purchases on the victim’s account.  They are both wearing the same hat that was purchased with the stolen credit card.  If you recognize either one of these suspects leave your tip Here!!!

The Handyman

EXIT CAM3.0009 EXIT CAM3.0030 EXIT CAM3.0047    VEH CAM16.0038

Case # B5-011056

This suspect stole a Dewalt Miter Saw from Sear’s at Gateway Mall and left in this vehicle.  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Why Bother?

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Case # B5-016653

This suspect picked up two 20 oz bottles of Pepsi and paid for one at the counter.  He concealed the other in his coat pocket before walking out.  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Diligent Student


Case # B5-015600

This suspect was at Priscilla’s at 2029 O St and stole an adult instructional video.  If you this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

The Big K

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Case # B5-014503

This suspect went to the Kwik Shop at 2811 N 48th and was acting strange in the store.  He purchased a 2 liter bottle of “Big K” Pop and left the store.  When checking surveillance a short time later, he was observed to steal a bottle of Barton Vodka.  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!

Secret Raid

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Case # B5-016677

These two suspects were shopping at Victoria’s Secret at Southpointe Mall and loaded up underwear, bras, clothes, and other items into a store shopping bag.  Instead of taking the store bags to the front to pay, they walked out without paying for over $600 worth of various items.  If you know these suspects leave your tip Here!!!


ENTRANCE.0025 EXIT.0009 

Case # B5-011110

The female suspect was at the Wal-Mart at 3400 N 85th and was with the male.  While he made a return she decided to shoplift lotion and a 12 pack of pop.  She walked to the registers to appear to pay for the items but went around the registers to a vehicle outside.  If you either suspect leave your tip Here!!!



Case # B5-005149

This suspect entered Euphoria at 4139 O St and asked for gas money from the employee.  He provided her cash and when the employee  was outside cleaning up, he found items from his tip jar near the dumpster.  Video showed this suspect take money from the tip jar after getting gas money and leave the store.  If you know this ungrateful person, leave your tip Here!!!

Mover and Shaker


Case # B4-106404

This suspect loaded up a purse full of  items and decided to bypass the registers and go to the door at the Wal-Mart at 27/Superior.  When confronted by employees she juked them and ran to a vehicle.  If you know this suspect leave your tip Here!!!



Case # B5-003781

This suspect attempted to shoplift two women’s jackets from Gordman’s at 5050 N 27th.  He was approached by an employee when leaving and was asked to come back inside.  Instead of coming back in, he took off running and was not caught, but dropped the jackets.  If you know this avid runner leave your tip Here!!!