Purse Pickers

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Women commonly put their purse in their shopping cart and criminals love to take advantage of your shopping distractions.  While you are occupied with your cell phone or your shopping list, your purse/wallet may disappear.    Check out these two recent purse theft cases to see just how easy it is for them to make you a victim. The first one we recently covered before.   If you know who these thieves are, please give us a tip.

Got Him Running

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Case #B3-083859

This guy is not as slick as he thinks he is. He tried hiding strippers, alligator clips and a portable charger in his pockets. The employee saw him do this and confronted him, but this guy took off running and dropped the stolen items along the way. If you know who this runner is, leave us a tip HERE!

Stripes to Bars

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Case #B4-022229

This young lady with her striped purse did some shopping at Walmart. She tried to place her items in a bag before paying, but was caught doing so. She then tried paying with a couple of different credit cards that were denied before just stealing the items. If you know who she is, leave us a tip HERE to put her and her striped purse behind bars.

Very Interesting

1448_100 outside.0005 copy 1451_103.0004 copy
Case #B4-014315
This guy picked up someone’s Hydrocodone prescription from CVS. Apparently the passenger knew the victim’s name, date of birth and address in order to pick this item up. Very interesting…. If you know who this guy is, leave us a tip HERE!

What’s Behind Door #1

ch2_2.0459 copy ch2_2.0039 copy ch2_2.0105 copy
Case #B4-014880
This group was trying their luck at a storage unit. They broke the locks off several storage units and stole several items. If you know who they are, leave us a tip HERE!

Opportunity Strikes

exit vestibule.0012 row 54 W.0038

Case #B4-027079

This guy did some shopping at Walmart. He went to put his cart back and found someone had left their purse in a shopping cart. He took the purse, got into this vehicle and drove away. If you know who this guy is, leave us a tip HERE!

Traveling Fraudsters

subway female.0053 copy subway female.0130 cam12 car.0035 copy

Case #B4-018319

This group found themselves in possession of someone’s stolen credit cards. They wasted no time racking up charges in Lincoln, Omaha and Carter Lake, IA. There are driving around in this car. If you know who they are, leave us a tip HERE!

Smooth Operator

lookout and PR at register.0019 copy exit.0061 copy exit.0050 copy

Case #B4-022381

This smooth talker in the sweater bought dental floss and paid with a $100 bill. He then began his smooth talking and ended up making the cashier give him an extra $98 while the one in the white shirt acted as the lookout. If you know who this quick change artist is, leave us your tip HERE!


POI attempt to purchase.0007 copy POI leaving GM.0011 copy
Case #B4-020867
These two youngsters were up to no good. They grabbed an iPad smart cover and tried taking a iPhone Lifeproof case. They then tried to return the item the stole for cash, but were denied. If you know who these two are, leave us a tip HERE!

Behind the Scenes

cam15.0116 copy cam15.0159 copy cam15.0162 copy cam15.0164

Case #B4-017324

This guy works behind the scenes. He walked in the back of the store and stole an employee’s purse from an unlocked employee area. He then used the stolen card to purchase over $100 worth of stuff. If you know who he is, leave us a tip HERE!

What a Tool!

ch8 _3440.0008 copy ch8 _3440.0008 ch8.0015 copy ch8.0019 copy

Case #B4-026327

This tool made a killing stealing from Ace Hardware stores. He ended up walking out several times at a couple of different locations with over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise. If you know who this tool loving tool is, leave us a tip HERE!

Bag & Save

entering garden.0006 exiting garden.0006 copy exiting garden.0012 copy exiting garden.0015 copy

Case #B4-025383

This guy really wanted a new computer. He placed a computer in a computer bag and hid it near a tarp in the Garden exit at Walmart. He then walked outside and cut the tarp to steal the computer. If you know who he is, leave us a tip HERE!

Tires to Go

cam1 warehouse.0001 copy cam1 warehouse2.0027 copy
Case #B4-022695
This van was captured on video going behind Graham Tire. Apparently it was time for new tires, because the driver loaded up 4 brand new tires in the middle of the day!   If you know who owns/drives this fine machine, leave us a tip HERE!

Unfriend when found

 TV168EvansPlz1 TargetEvans1TV168EvansPlz3
Omaha Target stores have reported this woman is walking out with stolen TVs and loading them into this beat up old car (that is probably worth less than the TV she stole.)   She finally slipped up and used her credit card for something and Omaha Police tracked down the Lincolnite!   But, it turned out that she has been in prison for a while and someone had stolen her purse while she was doing time!   This lady could be a friend of a friend?  Remember, it doesn’t pay to have criminal friends who know your locked up!    Can anyone help us identify this woman? 

Armed & Dangerous

Suspect located!
Up to $1,000 reward offered by US Marshals for information leading to the arrest of Jason R. Jackson.  He is a fugitive, believed to be in the Lincoln area.  Use caution, he is considered armed and dangerous. 

Doctor Who?

cam 6 coat on.0103 copy cam6 no coat.0005 copy cam 7 exit.0005 copy
He looks like he’s trying to join the Doctor Who fan club with his fancy scarf and glasses, but he’s not using that axe to take down a Dahlek!    He’s using it on the steel door of Toni’s Corner at 5700 Raymond Rd.   He wasn’t able to break through the steel door and it looks like he may be 0 for 2 now on burglaries.   If you know Who this ‘Who’ is, give us a tip here!

Hairy situation

Cam15_1.0092 copy Cam14_1.0080 copy
This car pulled up to the Highway 79 Hair Design building at 5580 W Mill Rd.   The two occupants got out of the car, broke out a window to the business and ran away when the alarm scared them off.  It looks like the same car maybe?  If you have some info on this case, leave us a tip here!

Molotov Cocktails

playground1.0018 playground2.0016 playground1.0006
Case #B4-025291
This car was driving all around Lincoln, throwing out Molotov Cocktails in the streets and parking lots. If you recognize this car or know who was in it, leave us a tip HERE!